AliceWalton. Janta Grove. Photo by Sylva

Alice Walton graduated in 2018 with a Masters in Ceramics from the Royal College of Art. She has exhibited across Europe including artist in residence during the European Ceramic Context in Denmark and graduate resident at the V&A Museum. In 2017 she was awarded the Sir Eduardo Paolozzi Travel Scholarship and in 2018 the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust. Last year she was awarded the ‘Fresh’ Wedgewood prize at the British Ceramics Biennale which will result in a residency later in 2020. She has taught ceramics to various age groups for the British Crafts Council, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal College of Art.

Alice Walton works with coloured clay throughout its malleable states, aiming to highlight the meditative process of the material. Her sculptural and abstract forms explore complex and intense surface textures and intend to provoke intrigue. In a world that is increasingly changing minute by minute she attempts to slow down, allowing her to steadily evolve, brick by brick, pin mark by pin mark. Her work is about a consideration of the everyday, taking the time to notice the unseen things in our environment and re-evaluating them.

Her latest ceramic work incorporates her fascination for noticing common street objects, passed by in our everyday lives. She investigates how they can transcend into unusual and extraordinary objects, which form a new abstract landscape.

Alice Walton. Linn Ribbons. 2019. 59cm x
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Sophie Alda an artist, designer, maker and facilitator working with:

-The production and development of objects exploring the relationship between the functional, the sculptural and the narratively suggestive, approaching materiality and tactility in a playful way, rejecting the hierarchy of the practically useful/ art object within craft or otherwise.

-Co-operation - creating the space and structure to facilitate production and community, skill sharing, interdisciplinary collaboration and independence in a precarious environment. She was a founding member of London's Clay Collective in 2015 and Counterslip Clay in 2019


Phil Root works primarily with paint, clay and textiles, the output from the studio often being displayed in assemblages or installations. Graduating from Goldsmiths College in 2006 he has been exploring specific histories and how they reflect our relationship to nature and our place within the world. Phil took up residency at Wysing Arts Centre in 2011 where he co-founded The Grantchester Pottery with artist Giles Round and in 2016 they were awarded the Freelands Lomax Ceramics Fellowship at Camden Arts Centre. He is also co-founder of Caraboo Projects in Bristol and visiting lecturer at University of West England. Recent exhibitions include: Lunar Gardening, Kingsgate Project Space, London, 2019, How Small a Thought, Margate Festival, 2019, Host, Intersession, Northampton, 2018 (with Jacqui Hallum) and Sightings, Caraboo Projects, Bristol, 2018. 

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